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but getting more crowded slight delay bart still reporting 5 to 10 minute delay between south city and colma due to earlier equipment problems on the track that is improving no other mass transit problems this morning. >>> 6:02. hotel guests in burlingame are being allowed to return to their rooms after being evacuated early this morning. people at the airport embassy suites were evacuated 12:30 this morning because of carbon monoxide leaking from a boiler. the hotel called the fire department to check the air because a guest was taken to the hospital last night they were concerned the two incidents might be related. fireoffs gave the all-clear at 5 this morning after the boiler was shutdown and the air was deemed safe. terry mcsweeney will have more in 30 minutes. >>> this morning a group of women with major financial backing say they are prepared to launch a recall campaign against ross mirkarimi. anti-domestic violence advocates plan to make it official next week. the same group who successfully campaigned to defeat supervisor christina alagi in tuesday's election one of four who vote giv
is falling right now. as far north as fremont and it is heading down to colma and entire peninsula is getting wet. we'll start with that first and see fulton street down to alemany boulevard and colma, see the airport is getting wet. we'll have flight arrival delays larkspur drive, burlingame all the way down to san carlos. keep heading down to the south. mountain view, grant road. sunnyvale getting wet. this is headed to the east bayshore within the next 20 minutes. >> eric: the air force is investigating a crash involving one of its newest warplanes. a pilot ejected just before the plane crashed near the florida panhandle. he was coming back to the air force base. nobody was hurt. f-22 is most advanced airplanes in the world. >> kristen: a bay area company that operates air shift is out of business this morning. air ship ventures says it is closing down. the company took passengers on joy rides as what is billed as one of the largest passenger air ship. a shortage in helium really hurt the company. >> six days to thanksgiving, that means seven more days until black friday. some people are a
rain pulling out of hayward and mist and drizzle. back toward the city down from colma and san bruno and here is the rain around lake tahoe. winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada but we do have a winter storm warning for the southern sierra down to yosemite where upwards of two to three feet above 7500 feet. 1.58 for santa rosa. significant rain for sonoma county. half an inch in oakland with livermore, .19 and over a tenth in mountain view and san jose. the rain, here is a look at it statewide. it continues to push out from the south. we are looking at that mild southerly trajectory for this system. we'll see that little bit of a break right here for the next four hours from 11:00 through about 3:00. we'll look for the numbers to stay in the upper 50s to lower 60s. 59 in san jose. we dropped a few degrees since last hour. coldest system on the way from 4:00 this afternoon in the extreme north bay taking a run into the evening hours. here we are from noontime and then 4:00 santa rosa, wet weather. it's about the 6:00, 7:00 hour where we have moderate rain pushing through the
in colma, a cell to about candlestick park this morning that is going to head east watch out alameda you have another wave of wet weather coming your way. temperatures mild, mid 50s to near 60 in san jose, mountain view and oakland. mid to upper 50s, most of the monterey bay and inland, 61 in monterey, showers end by noon, chilly tonight significantly cooler than this morning, patchy fog, dry from thanksgiving through the weekend. temperatures won't rise much today, mid to possibly a few upper 60s, under increasing sunshine, low to mid 60s monterey bay, mid to upper 60s inland higher elevations around monterey bay where we could fan a stray shower during the afternoon. 39 napa, 40 santa rosa, low to mid 40s inland mid to upper 40s bay and coast. front is slowing as it moves over top of us, this trough is going to kick it through best radar returns from the san mateo bridge south at 7:00, by noon about one last chance of scattered shower, 5:00 cool quickly overnight fog tomorrow morning 10:00 breaking out in sunshine for the holiday temperatures about the same as today, it may be even coo
in with sue. >>> i just go off the phone with bart, this is between colma and daly city, 15 to 20 minute delays due to equipment problems on the track. once you get past daly city station things pick up looks like it is improving. not as bad as we thought i will be checking back with bart. no other problems with mass transit. highway 13 open due to emergency overnight roadwork that opened a few minutes early. drive out of the central valley is slowing a bit not bad once you head to the altamont pass dublin pleasanton area broadway tunnel closed for cleaning until 6:00 detour in place on pacific avenue to get around that. bay bridge toll, metering lights off, stall by treasure island off-ramp there blocking left lane crews on their way to get that out of there. >>> good morning. 5:19. live doppler tracking the rain up to the north you can see it moving into crescent city and eureka on 101, we have moderate showers within this rain that is going to head our way after the morning commute. for the rest of the day, be prepared for wet weather. this morning it is cooler and windy. a little win
] >> among them, this target store here in colma where we shot this video a short time ago. it opened at 9:00 last night and will remain open until 11:00 tonight, that's 26 hours straight. the thanksgiving night openings have sharply reduced the number of long lines that you would otherwise see at this time of morning [ screaming ] >>> and another big turnout for early sales in silicon valley. this is one of the busiest target stores in san jose. last night shoppers entered in groups of 30. big ticket items like flat screen tvs were on the top of a lot of shopping lists. >>> and another clothing store is bucking the black friday trend in the east bay. this old navy store in emeryville was open during the day on thanksgiving. retail experts predict overall holiday sales will rise 4.1% this year, a half percent more than predicted every year for the last decade. it's estimated each shopper on average will spend $582 for this holiday season. >> a lot of money. >> what about online? well, those retailers expect a double-digit hike in spending with consumers forking out an average of $400 each.
ramon, oakley and berkeley some of the better radar returns off san francisco daly city and colma, south of the san mateo bridge especially dumbarton bridge healthier returns now moving into san jose more in the mountains heading your way over the next 25 to 35 minutes. we are not out of the woods yet. let's find out about that traffic. >>> going slower is a good idea this morning thanks mike. good morning. a lot of standing water, flooding, pooling, wet roads live look at bay bridge toll, traffic is light, definitely wet out there, several problems, first eastbound 580 past greenville, "sig alert", big rig jackknife three lanes blocked, getting away towards i-5 you may want to wait a bit. also, westbound 84 past 880 on dumbarton coming into fremont, car in the median, a lot of standing water give yourself extra time. >>> we are used to the crush of people flying home before thanksgiving causing delays. the rainy weather will undoubtedly cause longer waits on an extremely busy travel day. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo. >> reporter: right now according to the sfo duty manager, there is n
is continuing to recover right now delays are five to 10 minutes basically between south san francisco and colma. all other bart lines in fact all other mass transit is so far on time. quick check of the east bay 880 looking good past the oakland coliseum up towards downtown. that is traffic. back to you guys >> thank you. >>> just as crews were getting the power back on, the nor'easter knocked it out again. nearly 200,000 customers on the east coast are without power. some residents haven't had power or heat for ten nights. this is an aerial view of that area right now. you can see a lot of snow on the ground there. they are dealing with all of this snow and, of course, the cold, downtown electrical wires stopping trains in long island. new york city officials are urging people to leave low- lying areas but no mandatory evacuations. many are staying behind because they are afraid of looting. >> everything that i own is here. i'm trying to save it. my wife, my kids, my best friend mike, and i'm just going to lose everything. i mean, my body is shutting down. >> reporter: just heartbreaking there
on thanksgiving staying open until closing time tonight, among them this one. target in colma where weather shot this video just a little while ago. that store opened at 9:00 last night. it's going to remain open for 26 hours until 11:00 tonight. >> picketers will greet shoppers at some bay area walmart stores today. walmart workers are not unionized but they are getting help from the united food and commercial workers. this is one of four bay area stores where picketers plan to protest today. they also picketed last night prompting a manager to order them off the property. >> this is private property and we are asking you and your group to leave. >> california gives us the right to talk to customers in front of your store. >> you in don't leave we'll get the police involved. >> organizers are calling for walmart to improve employee wages and working conditions. other walmarts include richmond and fairfield stores and the story road location in east san jose are also targeted. >>> now that black friday is here we are looking ahead to cyber monday and for tips on how to save online go to our webs
no surprise here, tvs. >>> things died down by the time we got to target in colma just after midnight. that's because the store opened at 9:00 last night. target even offered a second round of deals that started at 4 a.m. of the. >> we have investigated if we could get the same price all year and usually black friday is it. >> this is the first time target opened that early on a black friday. >>> lines of cars tied up traffic in livermore. bargain hunters waited to get to the paragon outlet as cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us. >> reporter: it's the day of deals. >> i got some sweaters and i got scarves and i got a lot of shirts. >> christmas shopping already. >> reporter: do you feel like it was a successful day? >> absolutely. saved over $200. >> reporter: holiday shopping is in full swing and some bargain seekers at the paragon outlet mall traded last night's thanksgiving dessert for discounts. >> you save once a year. you don't save a lot this year especially on a hard budget. so you know, you got to come out and shop. it's just you might as well do it. it's once a year. >> reporter
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10